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The Gamma function is defined as: , for .
The factorial is a special case of the Gamma function:

In combinatorics, the number of combinations is caluclated through this formula:

The Taylor series for the famous exponential e is,

The Laplacian operator, used in calculus, is

Here is a poster of The Special Theory of Relativity:
You can download the pages separately: page 1 and page 2.

Here is a Laplace transform table created with MS Word.

Visit a sample XHTML+MathML webpage created with the help of MathCast’s “Mathcasting” feature. Requires a MathML compatible browser, such as Mozilla (or Firefox).

Luis A. Robles Macias has published a paper analyzing early maps of the Americas,
The paper was published in Coordinates journal on May 28, 2010.
MathCast was used for writing the equations.

You can upload examples to If they're good I'll post them here and mention your name. Please zip the files (some emails don't support the XML Unicode).