MathCast - the open source equation editor
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MathCast puts you in the editorís seat by presenting you with a variety of useful features. MathCastís most powerful feature, as explained down the page, is Mathcasting, with the XHTML+MathML combination.

Here are some of the classical features of MathCast:

MathCast works with word processors such as Microsoft Word and Apache Open Office Writer. Thus allowing equations to be inserted into written documents of any type: equation sheets, lab reports, study guides, and so on.
MathCast supports output to picture files, including: BMP, PNG, and EMF. Thus allowing equations to be incorporated in presentations and web pages.
MathCast's equations can be easily copied and pasted into email, webmail, and other applications.
MathCast features sharp rendering for on-screen reading and smooth rendering for high quality printing.

Different screens of MathCast

Here are some of the innovative features of MathCast:

MathCast supports exporting equations to MathML Presentation 2.0, a leading format for describing mathematics. MathML is based on XML, the web's most extensible language.
MathCast includes a powerful capability called Mathcasting. This feature provides a "WYSIWYG" tool for authoring XHTML web pages with mathematical equations.
MathCast can expose the equation lists as a RESTful HTTP service. Equation lists can be seen by browsers and different instances of MathCast in a network. This allows people to work together, learn, and teach.